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My skills have always leaned towards planning and organizing which serves me well as a wife and mother of 4 beautiful girls. As they got older and more independent I wanted to make a change and jump back into the professional world. I wanted to work for myself and I love to travel so the decision was easy. I started my travel business with TPI early in 2012, using that year to attend multiple training sessions and build my rapport with several excellent Tour Operators and other travel suppliers.

TPI is an amazing company that allows me to be independent and flexible but offers amazing support for their travel consultants. Building my business and content providing my clients with the top customer service in the industry is a priority for me. I have taken many courses and seminars to improve my knowledge of the travel industry as well as attending Tour Operator Product Launches and Familiarization trips to destinations so I can learn about them first hand.

Never sitting still for long, I am always gathering stamps in my passport as I feel there is nothing better than personal experience when it comes to helping my customers choose the perfect destination.

No amount of advertising can compare to word of mouth referrals so I focus on personal service for each individual trip and make sure there are no loose ends, no questions left unanswered and no unhappy travelers! Education is a large part of my business…for both of us. This helps me, in turn, educate my clients on excellent vacation destinations, why having a dedicated agent is so important and how to avoid being defrauded by discount websites. I have access to all of those deals and so much more!

Nothing beats personal service and I strive to give that to every person I deal with. Many people feel that a travel agent is only for the large excursions but even a short domestic flight within the country or a quick hop across the border for the weekend can benefit from the expertise of a good agent.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I have read many pages. Let me show you the rest of the book. The world is waiting for you!